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Deluxe Camp Chili with Jerky 6 oz Jerky 3...

Deluxe Camp Chili with Jerky 6 oz Jerky 3 tb Oil 1 ts Whole cumin seed 4 tb Chili powder 1 ts Onion flakes 1 ts Oregano 1/2 ts Cumin (powdered) 1/4 ts Garlic powder Water as needed Flour for thickening Cut jerky into small, bite-sized pieces, remembering it will swell. In a heavy pot, simmer jerky and cumin seeds gently in moderately hot fat/oil for one to two minutes, stirring steadily to prevent burning. Add chili powder and continue to stir until well mixed. (Amount of chili powder will depend on the hotness of the jerky and your taste.) Add onion flakes, oregano, powdered cumin, garlic powder, and enough water to cover generously. Stir. Simmer one to two hours, adding water as the jerky takes it up. Allow chili to cool, and reheat before serving. If a thicker chili is prefered, add a little flour mixed to a paste with hot liquid from the pot and cook to desired consistency, stirring frequently. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Chances are no salt will be needed at all, since there will probably be enough in the jerky.

Drying Barbecued Beef Jerky 3 lb Lean beef; flank; round sirloin tip 1 c Catsup 1/2 c Red wine vinegar 1/4 c Brown sugar 2 tb Worchestershire sauce 2 ts Dry mustard 1 ts Onion powder 1 ts Salt 1/4 ts Cracked pepper ds Hot pepper sauce Cut beef into strips 1/2 inch thick. Combine all marinade ingredients into a glass bakind dish. Add strips of beef, cover and refrigerate overnight. Drain beef slices. Dry in an electric dehydrator at 145 until pliable. Package in home canning jars, food-grade plastic bags or seal-by-heat food storage bags.

Laurie's Jerky 1/3 c Liquid smoke 1/3 c Soy sauce 4 tb Worcestershire sauce 1/2 ts Pepper 1/2 ts Garlic salt 1 ts Accent Pour over sliced beef(1 lb.). Marinate at least 2 hours. Drain and then dehydrate.

Tofu Jerky 1/2 c Soy sauce 3 tb To 4 tb liquid smoke 1/8 c Water 1 tb Onion powder 1 ts Garlic powder or 1 Clove crushed fresh garlic 1 tb Fresh ground black pepper 1 ts Honey 1 lb Firm or extra firm tofu Cut and drain the tofu. I usually take a 1 lb cube, cut it in half,and then slice it into strips on its short side. Strips should be about 4-5 mm in thickness. They may look big, but they'll shrink to about half their size. Mix all the marinade ingredients together well. Put the tofu in a single layer in a shallow baking pan or cookie sheet and pour the marinade over it. Let soak for several hours or overnight. Drain excess liquid (and reuse!) and dry tofu in food dehydrator or warm (200 F) oven. This will take probably 4-8 hours, depending on weather. If you live in a sunny, dry climate (Colorado in the summer), you can sun dry it, it'll take all day. If you dry indoors in the winter, your house gets filled with a wonderful smoky smell. If you're drying in the oven, you'll need to flip the tofu over hourly so it dries evenly. The stuff is delicious and keeps indefinitely. Dry the stuff until it's very chewy, but not crispy. Be creative: Use low-sodium soy if you want less salt (it is rather salty) Use tabasco or ground cayenne if you want it hot. Chili powder makes chili jerky. Oregano and basil makes pizza jerky.

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